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THC Distillate and Dab tips for Vaping

Many of BudClerk’s loyal customers love our mail order concentrate/distillate because we offer top-shelf bulk wholesale products Canada wide. All of our products are AAAA premium — highest quality, lowest price.

Cannabis concentrate is oils, terpenes, and purified THC or CBD which has been extracted from the original plant for a cleaner, tastier & also healthier smoking experience. Concentrate comes in many forms, names, and flavours. Shatter, for example, is a very common and economical form of concentrate. Here, we extract the THC using butane and the end result is a golden, honey-like goop. There is also distillate, which is an extensively refined oil that is devoid of any waxes or compounds from the original plan and is highly sought after due to its potency and versatility.

In this section we currently have two concentrate options; distillate THC vape cartridges for those who want quick, easy, and discreet consumption; as well as THC distillate syringes for refilling vape pen cartridges or applying directly on the nail of a dab rig. Need a battery to go with your cart? Head on over to our vape page.

At BudClerk, we pride ourselves in carrying a host of different strains and flavours. However, if you can’t find something specific you are looking for, check back tomorrow! We update our menus every day.