Quality THC Gummies

Alas, the BudClerk page for edibles weed. Here at BudClerk, we received a lot of our acclaim as the premier website for medical-grade mail order edible marijuanas. All of our products are AAAA premium top shelf, and we offer our products at wholesale bulk prices. And we ship across Canada (yes, you too Yukon)!

Some of our customers prefer to consume their cannabis as an edible rather than smoking flower or vaping/dabbing concentrates. Edibles are baked goods, and confectionery with THC or CBD infused into them. They are typically much more potent, and the experience usually lasts a few hours longer. Therefore, it is the ideal route of administration for clients looking to treat pain symptoms or concert goers.

Currently, BudClerk carries two types of high-quality gummy edibles by Harlo and Vortex, both in high doses and on the sale! Check back soon; we promise to update our menus daily.

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