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High Terpene Crystal Clear Purified Shatter

This is the BudClerk page for shatter. A lot of the hype surrounding BudClerk is from the word-of-mouth appreciation we constantly receive. Our satisfied customers are happy to buy their mail-order medical marijuana and shatter from us because we offer our top-shelf products at bulk wholesale prices Canada wide. We maintain a certain level of quality when it comes to premium AAAA shatter delivery.

Shatters are oils, terpenes, and purified THC or CBD which has been extracted from the original cannabis plant for a cleaner, tastier & healthier smoking experience. Shatters are a very common and economical form of concentrate. Here, we extract THC using butane and the end result is a golden, honey-like goop.

On this page, we currently have our high-quality house-brand Shatters, which are also on sale!

We are very particular when it comes to carrying a host of different strains and flavours. If you can’t find something specific you are looking for, check back tomorrow! We update our menus every day.