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AAAA & Top Shelf Premium THC Vapes

BudClerk offers a variety of marijuana vapes. Vaping is a healthier, cleaner, & tastier alternative to smoking cannabis. Everything on this page is AAA premium or better! Here you will find a wide variety of high-quality vapes and vape pens; everything ranging from THC and CBD cannabis oil cartridges to attachments like tips, atomizers, chargers, and batteries for pens. All cartridges are either 0.5 grams or 1 gram. We also carry a multitude of vape brands to choose from like CCell & CCell M3.

The BudClerk brand is dedicated to helping you access mail order marijuana delivery and buy top-shelf wholesale bulk cannabis products Canada wide. None of our vape products contain vitamin E acetate.

The dab pens and vape pens that are on this page are for concentrate and carts specifically, but we will be adding herb vaporizers to our catalogue shortly! In the meantime, if anything on this page tickles your fancy, also be sure to check out our concentrate page.